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third of cinema

The attempts of Third Cinema directors offer audiences and other filmmakers an insight into aesthetic values that contradict or transform those that have been made popular by Hollywood. The individual aesthetic and storytelling achievements of these filmmakers, though, do not carry a unique weight of activism that encourages distinct national styles and genres. Even though […]

mother of cinema

The discussion of auteur theory in these readings offers a number of important ideas about the way that film itself is understood. The very notion of auteur theory, in fact, prompts deep reflection on the notion of film as art, and, if this is accepted, who is to be seen as the artist. While this […]

essences of cinema

essences of cinema

Kracauer’s emphasis on camera movement and the use of technical properties to illustrate the difference between film and still photography in my opinion can easily be rejected. The pronounced misgivings in the period of transition to sound can be traced to the rising awareness that films with sound live up to the spirit of the […]

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